Home Automation

Home automation, or “Smart Home”, technology refers to any group of devices, appliances, or systems that connect to a common network with the goal of controlling certain elements of a dwelling or commercial property.

Home automation systems provide a convenient, economical and interactive approach to home control.

They allow you to monitor and control important elements of your home whether you are in your living room, on your way back from work or away on holiday.

Home automation also simplifies daily activities by providing easy-to-use devices for energy management, housekeeping, and security.

A well designed and implemented Smart Home provides a seamless living experience and embodies luxury and convenience.

We build control systems that are easy to use, easy to maintain and don’t break the bank.

The benefits of a centralised smart home control system are countless, yet some of our favourites include:

The convenience factor. Being able to monitor and use all of the technology in your home within one user interface saves time. With only one app to install and no need to keep switching between different apps for your heating, cameras, security etc.

Automating “dumb” appliances. Not all home technology devices are smart, but using a centralised control system allows the flexibility to connect these devices to the home system. “Breaking out” dumb home appliances is a specialty of Porter Systems.

Insights. With the ability to track usage, learning more about how you use your home can better inform future renovations or upgrades.

Futureproofing. We always go into a project with a view on how technology will evolve and future technology demands might change. From infrastructure to cabling, it is important to assess the future of a connected home at installation time.